HS Day 19: Nearing Success. Also, Internet.

Started the day on time at Hacker School, in a new morning meeting group: Russel, named after Steve Russell, the inventor of Spacewar!, one of the first videogames. He also did some of the first implementations of LISP, way back in the day.

Thomas, Nina, Carl, Tom, and George will be the new faces I see every morning, although I’m sad Jimmy isn’t in our group (Russell, Jimmy, get it?).

Spent the morning working on the collision detection library. I feel bad, because I kept telling Jade that I wasn’t going to work on it anymore, then I would start doing something else, and then I would suddenly know how to fix the library and would go do that. Then I would show Jade, and she would be, good job not working on it.

Went to Pret for lunch, then took the subway home, because it’s internet time! I’ve been tethering from my phone for the last 19 days since there’s no internet at the apartment, but since I had some room in my budget, I called up Time Warner and had them install internet today! The guy was super nice and the setup was very fast – It was a bit offputting, since I spent the last year battling TWC’s YouTube throttling practices at school – so I was ready for a battle which never came.

We had to climb around the building quite a bit to find the cable input, and it turns out whoever remodeled the building last cut a bunch of the cables right at the wall so that they’re unusable anymore. Luckily, the one cable they left happened to be the one that connected to Imogen’s room, so there’s a router and modem on her window now.

But yeah, 15 MBps internet at the apt, woo!

Took the train back to Hacker School and worked with Jade and Mary on the collision library. Actually – it works! Mostly! It crashes every once in a while on a corner case, but the basic functionality is going strong and I was able to implement a simple game of tag using it! I want to finish the technical blog post about it tomorrow so that I can present it and have the details online for people to look at.

I called Greta on my way to Chipotle for dinner, and she convinced me to try somewhere else. Probably 50% of the meals I’ve eaten so far in NYC have been Chipotle.  I tried a cafe that I had been to before, but it was closed. I tried a cafe that I hadn’t been to before, and it was closed too. So I went to Chipotle.

I also really want to do a non-technical presentation for everyone (on “why do we make tech”) but I haven’t had time for it (too much SC2, testing out the new internet! )

Went home around 6, finished the second draft of a résumé, and played a bunch of StarCraft with Mike! It’s nice to be able to play instead of just watch (since my phone has good throughput but bad latency.

Blogging, Bed.

From Brooklyn.


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