Monthly Archives: June 2018

Radish Cache

After coming across a (now deleted) answer on StackOverflow, I took some time to find instances of “redis” (a popular caching program) misspelled as “radish”. I think autocorrect is likely the culprit.

I’m posting these here because I think that this is a wonderfully innocent error and not to shame the people involved. Imagining someone refreshing their cache of small red vegetables brings joy to my heart and I hope it does to yours as well.

The Original

This came up in an edit queue, but I didn’t have the heart to edit it. I now suggest this as the solution to most of our technical problems at work, much to my coworkers annoyance.

From Harvard

This one is in an article published by Harvard, so you know it’s legit.


This person has radish cache on their LinkedIn profile, so you know they’re an expert. (Last item)

Please go to my LinkedIn and recommend me for radish cache. I’d like to add you to my persimmon network.

Speeding up Magneto

Vegetables are part of a healthy diet. Varnish, not so much.


Unfortunately, the only IRL radish cache has been removed and no longer exists.


Remember, if you have a problem, flush your radish cache!