Keeping track of your competency as a programmer

Especially for Hacker School students, but really for anyone: If you’re looking for a way to discretely measure your progress through Hacker School, check out the following resources:

If you don’t really know what you want to work on, choose whatever is your lowest level in the Programmer Competency Matrix, or an example in the eight levels of programmer that you don’t understand, and ask someone more knowledgeable about it!

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3 thoughts on “Keeping track of your competency as a programmer

  1. Developer

    I always love lists like these. Invariably, they are written by a self proclaimed top programmer. And the top level is always the level said top programmer has personally achieved. Take the first link as an example.

    You’re only an expert if you can do binary code and assembly? Great. Good for you. You know assembly. Not everyone needs to. Assembly is the furthest thing from relevant that I can imagine at my job.

    But then look down at builds. Oh you think you’re an expert because you can write a build script? That’s cute. Let me know when you’ve set up a Jenkins cluster.

    Plenty of example where the top level in that list would be considered a novice by others and the top level in other categories are entirely irrelevant or arbitrary. (Experience)


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