HS Day n, n+1: Craziness

I’d fallen out of my blogging habit, sadly, but that was kind of silly and I really should get back on that, especially since things are coming to a close here and I should write all this down so that I can remember it.

It’s five in the morning right now, and not the good kind of five in the morning where I’ve just woken up after a good night’s sleep and I have some green tea and I get to watch the sun rise knowing that it’s going to be a good and wholesome day. No, this is a better five in the morning where I’ve just been to see Anamanaguchi and finally walked in the door to my apartment about ten minutes ago.

Starting on Thursday: I was supposed to move back across the hall in with Nathaniel, but I found a guest of his asleep on the floor – wearing nothing. Nope. I went to Luscious Food for lunch, and ate my sandwich on the bench out front of our apartment to give the guest some time to wake up and put clothes on. As far as I can tell, he just liked sleeping in the buff? Anyway, Levi and Broghanne arrived and sat on the bench next to me. I explained the situation, and they explained that Levi, Nathaniel, and this guest had all been working 15-hour days for a film/tv internship, and that they were probably on very few hours of sleep.

Chelsea – a good¬†friend from college – texted me and asked if I was interested in a position in Milwaukee, WI. I said yes, since I wasn’t sure at this time that the house in Boulder with Eric, Matt, and Sam D. was going to work out. So why not? 20 minutes later I had a Skype interview with them.

I ended up moving all my stuff into the living room since they were still asleep in the room I was supposed to move into. Then I went to Hacker School, where I programmed for a bit, did a presentation on my galaxy generation function for Space Adventure, and then walked with Martin and Matt over to Ebay for the jobs fair. Oh – I bought a business card holder on the way in at a custom belt store since I made business cards the other day.

The jobs fair is the “big event” for Hacker School – they make their money by getting companies to hire Hacker Schoolers, and although they don’t push us toward a job though them, it’s a great opportunity for the companies as well as anyone looking for a job. I got a green sticker on my nametag: looking for a job now. Others had: yellow for a job in the future; red for already employed or not currently job hunting; blue for facilitators and hiring company people. The companies each gave a 2.5 minute presentation, and then we schmoozed and boozed. I talked with representatives from Twitter, Etsy, Next Big Sound, The Ladders, and Custora. ¬†Took an UberX home and crashed.

The next morning I got a job offer from the Milwaukee Company, H2OScore, which I haven’t given them an answer yet so I won’t say anything here. They’re a really cool and environmental company, though, and if you live in WI, you should check them out.

Fridays there is no Hacker School so I walked up to 7th ave and got lunch at a Vietnamese place, then hung out at Barnes and Nobles a bit. Ended up buying a book on Typography. Walked back, got a ginger ale from a corner store, and played a really long game of FTL. Dinner at Zito’s sandwich shop, then off to NYC for Anamanaguchi.

Forgot to mention: I wore my Pikachu/Mario shirt today. By this point, four people had already commented on it. (“cool shirt, dude!”).

I start chatting in line with another guy with a pikachu shirt (#5) who seemed pretty drunk already but he was chill, and another guy named Ryan who was definitely under 5′, super cool, played drums, and seemed to be there on his own so we kinda became friends. I got inside (patdown by security), and waited for friends. Alisa, two of her friends from home, Ian, James P, David, and a friend of David’s showed up. We explored the location a bit – the opening acts ranged from terrible to mediocre – there was some pretty standard house music, and we eventually ended up in the basement, where the DJ seemed to know what she was doing. The tickets had listed Anamanaguchi as starting at 10, but apparently they were going to start at 12:30, upstairs, and we weren’t even allowed upstairs until midnight. At this point I was at 10 comments on my shirt.

So at 12 we made our way upstairs. Cool enough venue – terribly expensive soda/water. I got a Coca-Cola without realizing it was going to cost $5. Blargh.

There was an opener for Anamanaguchi who was good enough and got the crowd moving. I was pretty close to the front – usually right on the edge of the mosh pit, pushing people back in, and helping people up when they fell. The floor got covered in drink pretty quickly (I was totally sober), and was alternatively slippery and sticky.

Anamanaguchi finally started at 1:30, 3.5 hours after they were listed. But oh man, were they awesome. I’m glad I brought earplugs – the bass was really loud. There was incredible energy in the crowd, and the whole thing went by like a blur. Large bouncy balls were released into the crowd, the lead guitarist put one of their lamps into the crowd, and we carried it out to the middle of the room, then went ramming speed toward the stage. It was a giant mosh of nerds, so everyone was super friendly. The show ended kind of abruptly, but it was still very enjoyable.



Afterward: IHOP. Subway. Home. Blog. Sleep.

From Brooklyn,



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