HS Day [47 .. 50]: Missed Blogging

I managed to not blog the last four days. Oops! Important events:

My good friend Ellie visited on her way home from Europe, where she had been presenting her findings on sunspot activity at a physics conference.

I freaked out about non-existent bedbugs (in my defense, the evidence was there!) and proceeded to nearly throw out all my bedsheets for nothing.

Played SC2, lazed around, and finally got Arch Linux installed alongside Windows 8! I was going to do a technical write-up, but the final round of installations went too smoothly and I had nothing super tricky to explain to the internet.

I guess I’ve been averse to blogging the last couple of days because I hadn’t really felt like I accomplished anything worthy of blogging. I’m going to use that to motivate me to do things worthy of blogging next week.

From Brooklyn,


One thought on “HS Day [47 .. 50]: Missed Blogging

  1. George Seidel

    It might be worth a quick tech write-up just to explain the problem you ran into, and why it went smoothly the next time. What did you do differently that made it go so smoothly. Also, why did you choose dual boot instead of other options. To you all this may be obvious, but there may be some who could learn.


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