HS Day 45 & 46: Arch Linux

On Monday, I decided I wanted to try installing Linux alongside my Windows 8 so that I could dual-boot. Turns out that’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I’ll do a full technical write-up tomorrow (since I have to do a full install from scratch … again).

Anyhoo – Monday at Hacker School was entirely devoted to working on my computer and trying to get the OSses to play nice. Then I went home… and tried to get the OSses to play nice. Javier was super helpful and actually knew what he was doing, which sped up my installation time quite a lot. I’m using Arch Linux now, which is much more low-level than ubuntu. I really like it though – there’s no preinstalled window manager, and it’s super stable.

Spent today – again – working on the computer. I ended up going to the Microsoft store in Manhattan to get a copy of Windows 8 that I could install with. They were very helpful, even though the process took about 4 hours.

Aaaaand I have to go back tomorrow, since the copy they gave me was 32-bit instead of 64-bit.


Not a long blog post tonight, mainly because it’s really hot here and I’m out of energy from working on linux stuff.

Addendum: Before I realized the Windows was the wrong version, I decided to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with a mojito? (There are probably better ways to celebrate but for some reason I really wanted a mojito). So I wandered around brooklyn for a while looking for a place that sold rum. All the liquor stores were closed, though, so I went to a bar called Union Pub or something – they only took cash, so I found an ATM. Then the bar didn’t serve mojitos. The bartender, though, told me that there was a place called Blueprint that was a cocktail bar, which would sell mojitos. He said his friend John was working there and that I should say that Keith sent me and that he should make me a “beautiful mojito”. So I went in, asked for John, told him that Keith sent me, and that I would like a beautiful mojito. That’s what I got – it took probably 5 minutes to make and was delicious. I drank it slowly, then paid and went home.

From Brooklyn,


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