HS Day 37: Across the Hall

Imogen moved out of the apartment today, meaning that I am taking over her room. It’s a lot larger, and has two large windows that face what I assume to be south – I can see the Statue of Liberty off in the distance out of one, and the tail end of Manhattan out the other. It’s also not a shared room, which is nice in that I don’t have to worry about bothering a roommate when I’m up late at night.

I woke up just after noon and immediately began moving my stuff down the hall. I realized I was hungry after about an hour of that, and grabbed a vegetarian sandwich from Zito’s Sandwich shop. The guy who works there always puts on music from my past – lots of Blink 182, Green Day, etc. – Ought’s punk-pop. I had fun chatting with him just a bit while waiting for my sandwich. He’s 40, Italian, and very good-natured.

After Zito’s, it was back to work at the room. I don’t have much stuff here – just over a suitcase and a carryon’s worth, but I wanted to reorganize and search through it for my Raspberry Pi, which I’ve sadly given up on finding while I’m out here. It’ll probably turn up in Colorado when I move back, which is all the same to me; I don’t have a keyboard, monitor, or mouse for it out here.

I stopped by a store called Scardey Kat, which is a little shop that sells interesting things and is going out of business. Since they were having a 25% off sale, I stopped in and ended up buying some things – a new wallet, namely. My old one is holding up well, but as a trifold, it’s a bit thick for front-pocket wear, which I’ve taken to while in the city. More to stop worrying about pick-pockets than actually dissuade them.

I started working on Space Explore, which you can see a completely unfinished, and in fact barely started, version of at http://handprintgames.com. There’s not much to do yet – I think this is a fun project though and I’m interested to see how far I get before abandoning it. I’ve kind of accepted that fate for this project, and I’m taking it as an exploration in Javascript large-project structure more than anything. I chatted with Evan a bit right before bed about it, and we reminisced about how much we learned about text display from Terminal_.

Dinner was at Lotus, which is the Thai/Chinese place across the street. I have a standard fare there – a “classic” sandwich and a honey green tea bubble tea. Delicious, and a bit pricey.

Levi, Ian, and Broghanne came into my room (the one with A/C) and we played through a bit of Um – the space version. It was pretty good, Broghanne was new to TTRPG, so she was a bit tentative to play along, but Levi and Ian really got into it.

From Brooklyn,


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