HS Day 36: Chatting about School

Alice posted to the Hacker School mailing list last night about needing a windows computer to create a boot disk to restore her Windows 8 computer, which had died. I responded (or, actually, had Matt respond for me since we were drinking beer together and he was the one with his phone open) and said I would be in by 2pm.

So in by 2pm I was. Pretty much on the dot. I ended up getting about 13 hours of sleep last night, minus an hour or so that I was awake around 3am.

It was around 100 degrees Fahrenheit today in NYC, or, at least 90. Hacker School is well air-conditioned, as was my room last night – Ian, our guest for a few weeks, ended up sleeping on the floor in my room, since it’s the only one in the house with A/C. He was going to spend the night in the living room, but I offered him space on our floor. He declined at first, but I invited him to enter the room for a second, where it was a good 20 degrees cooler than the rest of the apartment. So he moved in for the night.

Since I lent Alice my laptop at Hacker School, I spent the afternoon talking with Martin and Alex about my idea for a school – which I’m planning on posting a lot about soon, so I won’t go into detail here. Alex and I ended up getting pretty metaphysical, whereas Martin and I chatted mainly about educational differences between here and his home country of Sweden.

I worked on the Risk AI for a bit once I had my computer back, and pushed some good commits. It’s coming along and I’m optimistic about having it done by Monday night.

Walked along a neat little restaurant-filled segment of Manhattan with Martin and chatted about programming while searching for a place to get dinner to-go. We settled on a place that did (Greek?) food, which was tasty, but we forgot to get the sauces so it was a little bland.

Took the train home, finally with my Kindle charged, which made the trip more enjoyable and productive (less Nethack).

It’s still a bajillion degrees here but I guess that’s NYC in the summer.

From Brooklyn,


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