HS Day 28, 29, 30: StarCraft Weekend

Basically watched a bunch of StarCraft this weekend.

For some reason I’m feeling really low on energy and motivation right now, so I’ll be focusing on regulating my sleep schedule and eating properly for the next few days to get back on track mentally. I’m not worried or anything – just slightly down and out for a bit.

Short post today due to trying to get to bed on time. Quick weekend recap:

Friday: Played an awesome D&D campaign with Alisa, Matt, Ian, Martin, and James. They raided a trapped treasure hall and beat up on kobolds, even killing the giant spider that I had put in specifically to be too tough for them. Good job I guess 🙂 Fell asleep on the couch at Hacker School, then went out to a bar with a bunch of Hacker School people for Yael’s birthday, a place called the Bell House in Brooklyn. It was neat – hung out mostly with Martin, Sebastian, and Sam (I think). The music was super loud though so I left after about an hour and a half.Had a nice but shouty conversation with Mary and Sonali – two of the facilitators. 80s vs 90s. Drinks were incredibly expensive as well, and I actually ended up owing someone $11 since I didn’t realize how much a drink was going to cost before I ordered it. Had a nice talk with Greta on the way back to my apt. Decided I very much like quiet bars, although those seem to be hard to find?

Saturday: Spent the whole day sitting around watching StarCraft. Woo.

Sunday: Took the train (actually two trains) to Mineola, NY, where I sat around and watched StarCraft with other people. The bar was called “Eleanor Rigby’s”, and was, of course, Beatles themed.

Eleanor Rigby's Front Door

Eleanor Rigby’s Front Door (Snapchat :P)


The organizer and his girlfriend were super nice but some of the other attendees were making kinda mean comments about the players. Even so, I enjoyed myself and had a great time rooting for the Terran player, Polt. There were probably about 30 people there throughout the night, and about 12 of us who stayed until 9 or so to watch the finals. Ended up taking kind of a roundabout way home, so I didn’t get in until 11:30 (?). Got a Barbarian in Nethack all the way to the Castle before dying because I had no way to cross the water, and my instrument had burnt up. Still a great run.

R.I.P. Erty the Barbarian

R.I.P. Erty the Barbarian

P.S. I realized just now that all of my “Day n” on the HS posts are off by one after day 3. Maybe I’ll fix that soon. Maybe.

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