HS Day 35: D&D Adventure Number Two

Arrived at Hacker School around 10am, which gave me some time to surf the internet and work on the Risk AI server before meeting up with Alisa, Ian, Martin, and Matt for Dungeons and Dragons. I DMmed a short adventure in which the heroes, upon retrieving the treasure from a temple, are found by a group of Orcs who are after the same treasure. The Orcs were quickly defeated, but the troll that was chasing the Orcs took nearly all of the party’s resources to defeat, knocking two of them below zero HP (death is at -10). Afterward, we sat around for a while and worked on transferring our makeshift character sheets to real ones. We’re playing much more official version 3.5 now, instead of me making most of it up as we go along.

Afterward, around probably 7pm, Matt and I took the subway to Bohemian Hall Beer Garden in Astoria, Queens, NY. We met up with some of Matt’s friends there (he’s from Astoria), but spent pretty much the entire time talking about Hacker School and ignoring his friends. I had two beers and some Klobasa, which was a beer too many for me, and I took the subway home and pretty much passed out on my bed at about 10:30. Yes I am that much of a lightweight, but I also think I hadn’t eaten enough that day.

I also think Matt and I could see (and hear) a police (shoot-out?) from the subway station in Astoria, but I can’t find anything about it on the news. Kinda scary?

From Manhattan,


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