HS Day 27: Back to School

Short post tonight because I’m tired and it’s a bajillion degrees in my apartment right now which makes it hard to write. Plus I wrote a lot of technical/life posts over the past few days so hopefully that makes up for it?

Aaron messaged me last night and asked me to help him with an installation of a particle simulation program called VBFNLO. Problem being, it came as uncompiled C and FORTRAN77 source code, and he needed some help installing it over ssh. I did a write up of the process involved this morning and posted it here on my blog.

Walked to Jazzy’s for an early lunch, and spent some time working on a small python name generator for my dad. I’ve posted the code on GitHub: namegenerator.

Played cards with the guys again, which was fun. Afterward I walked to the Unopressive Non-Imperialist Bargain BookstoreΒ to see if they sold D&D stuff (they sold comics so I assumed…). They didn’t. I took the R up to Union Square and shopped around at Barnes & Noble for a while, but they didn’t have anything either. So, I don’t have a campaign for tomorrow, yet. Talked with Greta for a while about wedding stuff. We might have a color scheme πŸ™‚

Wedding Colors!

Wedding Colors!

Ate some sausage and eggs which I made back at the apartment. Sleep nao.

From Brooklyn which is really hot πŸ™


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