HS Day 26: A Full Day Off

Slept in, again. This time until around 3pm. I wasn’t even up super late – I went to bed around 2am, which normally means I can get up around 10 and be totally fine (that’s 8 hours!). I think I need a better alarm sound – the one I’m using currently is super soothing and probably puts me to sleep more than it wakes me up.

Chatted with Greta for a while about the memorial services for my grandmother – it’ll be in August, so no need to worry about it for now. I’m a little worried that Greta won’t be able to fly out here for a weekend since she won’t want to miss two weekends of work. I really want to just walk around Park Slope with her and look at all the cool little shops and gardens for a day. I should be able to visit her at the end of Hacker School, though.

Ate lunch at a Vietnamese place across the street from my apartment – very spicy but delicious sandwich and a honey-green tea bubble tea. Answered emails and derped around on the internet for a bit.

Planning on going to bed around 11pm, to make sure I get up at the right time tomorrow.

Another not-very interesting day, but hopefully tomorrow and this weekend will make up for it.

From Brooklyn,


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