HS Day 25: Half a Day Off

I received news this morning that my grandmother, Lila Rhen, had passed away around 5:30 a.m..

Hacker School was deserted this morning – a lot of people were at a Git tutorial somewhere else in the city, so morning meetings were skipped entirely. I spent a few hours chatting with Daniel from Lawrence, and writing a eulogy for my grandmother, which I posted on this blog. I spent a while working on my website, ertyseidel.com, adding the twitter and blog feeds to the front page.

I took the rest of the day off and went home – my Adventure Time Season 2 disks had arrived at the Amazon locker down the street, and I spent a few hours watching through those. Next, I went to the sandwich shop down the street and got their special for the day, a pork and asparagus sandwich. I ate it at the garden across the street from my apartment. There were fireflies for about 10 minutes!


Click here if the embedded video doesn’t work

Talked to Greta about wedding plans, played some StarCraft with Julian and Mike, then went to sleep.

Not the most exciting day.

From Brooklyn,



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