HS Day 23: Walking Around Brooklyn

Woke up around noon and walked down to the Staples, where I had a delivery waiting in an Amazon Locker. Locker is pretty sweet – you walk up, put in your code, and one of the many doors pops open to reveal your delivery. Very easy, and way more secure than having the delivery left on my apartment doorstep for days. I can imagine that it only really works in densely populated places like NYC. Boulder apparently doesn’t have any.

From there, I walked back to my apartment through a pretty small farmers market. Bought some mint tea since it was hot. Ended up buying some cloth and a comic book, Ghost World, at a thrift store, and some duct tape at a bargain shop. Taped the cloth over our apartment’s skylight to try to manage the heat a little more, and got a brilliant shot of sunset in NYC:

NYC Sunset!

NYC Sunset!

I grabbed that shot as a snapchat to send to my friends, so I didn’t really think about the composition or anything – hence the giant metal frame in the middle of the picture. I’m thinking of trying again in the next few days with a nicer camera.

Sat at Venti Cinque for a while (coffee shop), and watched the finals of HomeStory Cup (SC2).

Walked back to Staples and bought a sketchbook and some pens – I’m hoping to get back into sketching and comics, at least a bit. Right – Ghost World – I’ve been meaning to read it for a while, since it’s part of the canon of Graphic Novels, but I really think I’m not disillusioned enough to connect with any of the characters. So from a production standpoint it was well done, but I didn’t really identify with the story.

Played and mostly lost at some SC2, derped around on the internet.

Sleep time.

From Brooklyn,


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