HS Day 22: Natural History

Short post today, because I am lacking motivation for some reason.

My dad and I spent the afternoon today at the Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.. We ate lunch at the museum, and wandered around the exhibits. Some highlights:

– Walked through a genome exhibit. At the end, they have you write down some of your physical traits on a map, which gives a number. My dad and I ended up pretty much opposite (which is more a feature of the way the maps were designed – one difference at the beginning sent you quite far away), whereas my dad ended up with the same exact number as another lady whom we had never met before at the table.

– Saw the Hope Diamond, which wasn’t nearly as cool as most of the other gems. The Hope Diamond is owned by the Smithsonian, which is owned by the Govt., which is the American People. So technically I own the Hope Diamond 😛

– Tried to visit a butterfly pavillion type thing, but there was a huge line. 🙁

– Found out that one of the rocks my dad has from Antarctica might be a meteorite.

We ended up parking in a parking garage which went at least four stories into the ground with a really steep, narrow, two-way ramp. Pretty scary.

Got dropped off at Union Station an hour early because we mixed up the time zones. Got a Jamba Juice and a really weird Minecraft T-Shirt that obviously wasn’t properly licensed.

The train was delayed by another train that was stopped next to it, and we had to wait an hour for them to transfer over all of the people who had been stuck on the other train.

Got home, played some SC2 with some people I met at the Team Liquid NY LAN earlier this month, and went to bed.

From Brooklyn,


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