HS Day 2: Exploring New York

Started out this morning by sleeping in. ZZZ.

Around noon, I ventured forth from the darkness of my basement room, and hopped on the A line into Manhattan. My goal was to find the building for Hacker School – a test run of the transportation – and it went well. I’ll have to figure out which stop is closest to the school, but I managed to get there today in about an hour.

2013-06-02 12.47.39

The subway station I emerged from in Manhattan.

Ate lunch at Long Island Bagel Cafe, and drank iced tea and edited photos at Third Rail Coffee. It was at least 90 degrees outside today, so I sat in the air-conditioned cafe for as long as possible.

At about 4:30 I started making my way toward Levi’s place, where I’m going to live after this week. Ended up getting on two wrong trains, but made progress toward the place each time anyway. Arrived at the apartment and messaged Levi over FB to let me in. It’s a nice place – very NYC apartment, and about 110 degrees since it’s on the top floor. We’re working on buying an A/C unit. A shot of the front of the building:

NYC Apartment

NYC Apartment

Ate dinner at a sandwich shop I forget the name of, but had very authentic NY Italian sandwiches. Yum. Then took the train back to East Brooklyn, where my hotel is.

Gonna do some work on my final math problem set, then get some sleep for the first day of Hacker School tomorrow!

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