HS Day 14: Thursday

I’m writing this on Friday, because somehow I managed to not blog yesterday! This will be a short post so I can get on to Friday.

Took the R into Manhattan in the morning and arrived at Hacker School right about on time. Gave a presentation on MySQL and relational databases to a group of interested people (I forgot to mention: I gave a presentation on sockets and network programming on Wednesday).

Worked on my Node.js app (previously Wanderer, now NodeTag) for a while, implementing some prediction on movement as well as smoother player movement. I met with Mary – one of the facilitators and an expert on javascript gaming – for half an hour and she gave me some great advice about how to proceed. It’s going to take quite a bit of work to implement, but the main idea is to do interpolation on player movement between updates.

I did another non-technical presentation (this will be my last – the facilitators asked me to focus on technical from now on, which is fine) about using different viewpoints (e.g. first or second person) when writing GUIs. I think it’s very important to have a good user/software interface, so I’m very interested in minor details like this.

Stayed a bit late and played some StarCraft – I’m going to a LAN on Sunday and I want to not be too terrible. That said, I lost all my games.

There were some people at Hacker School sitting around drinking beer and playing munchkin when I left. I was going to join them, but  I wanted to get up early the next day for a tech breakfast in DUMBO.

From Brooklyn,


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