HS Day 12: Moved In

Not a particularly difficult day today. Woke up around 9am with the intention of being on the bus by 9:45. Showered, dressed, and made my way out the door a little ahead of schedule. The bus stop that I have to walk to is just about two blocks from the apartment, and there are a lot of little cafes on the way, so if I manage to get out of bed earlier tomorrow, I might go and have breakfast at one of them. I’m living in the Park Slope neighborhood, which seems to be a pretty trendy part of Brooklyn.

Spent a little while cleaning up my room this morning, just to get things out of Nathaniel’s way. Everyone here seems super chill but I’d like to be a good roommate anyway.

Took the R into Manhattan and walked a half mile to Hacker School, which is quite a bit farther than I’ve been walking. The walk is pleasant, though; up Canal St. and over on Varick St.. Started the day pairing with Rob, who helped me out a lot – I was stuck trying to use Javascript’s map() function on an associative array/object, which apparently isn’t something you can do. Worked on Budgeted for a while before doing a code review with Sam, who had written the game of Set in python. It was well done, except for a few redundancies, some dead code, and an O(n3) function that got called a lot. But we worked through it, and, after some problems with Git while trying to merge – which Alan graciously helped us with – I think we both had a good and very educational experience.

About three people borrowed my cell phone charger today. Apparently it was a popular day to have a dead battery? Good thing I carry a charger with me everywhere.

Amandine and I met with Yael, who I think is a Hacker School alum, this morning. Yael had purchased extra tickets to see The Postal Service this Friday at Barclay center, so Amandine and I bought the tickets off of her. No idea where the seats are, but I’m still excited to see The Postal Service, even with someone I don’t know very well; it will be a good opportunity to make a friend.

After lunch in the park (Sandwiches and wraps from Pret) with Sam, Jimmy, and Mary, and some more coding, about 40 of us attended a talk on jobs after Hacker School. The focus was basically on not getting a job until the end of Hacker School, so that we can focus on programming.

This reminds me that I need to make Scott a résumé.

Stayed a bit late at Hacker School to derp around and watch the WCS StarCraft 2 tournament. Took the R home around 9.

Looking forward to actually getting started on the main guts of Budgeted tomorrow.

From Brooklyn,



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