Free Linux Servers

Every once in a while, I find myself needing to quickly run linux or one of its derivatives. Here are some resources I’ve gathered that allow quick setup of a disposable linux server:

1. VirtualBox

Runs on your own machine as a VM. Internet connectivity. You’ll need to download an ISO and install it. You do get a GUI though.

2. Bellard’s JSLinux

Linux VM written in Javascript (how’s that for a project?). Free, terminal only, no networking. Pretty much good for playing around with the linux shell in a really disposable way.

3. Instant Server

Easily my favorite – hit a button and fill out a captcha for 35 minutes of Ubuntu 13.04. Or, pay a small fee and get the server for up to a week. Great customer service and good speeds. Terminal only, internet connectivity.

4. SimpleShell

Linited to 15 minutes, and doesn’t seem to have internet connectivity, despite what the site says. Still, for a free linux command line, it’s fast and has a very fast setup time.

5. And many more

A google search for “free shell” provides many links, dmoz being  one of the more trustworthy (run by Mozilla).


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